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About Us

ASEN Auto Inc. is a family owned business with the culmination of 30 years of experience brought by The Asencio Family. In 1990 Alfredo Asencio opened Alfredo’s Auto Body and Fender where a hobby became a career/business. Alfredo was passionate about his business and took this passion home where it sparked the interest of his sons Osvaldo and Luis. Osvaldo showed the biggest interest since the age of 5, Osvaldo found himself actively asking questions and getting his hands dirty right beside his father. As Osvaldo got older, he found himself repairing cars for family and friends and leaning toward the classic car Industry. During his time in college is when his love for restoration and customization of classic cars piqued. He then started his widely successful shop, WASP Automotive where he developed a name for himself in the automotive industry. At the same time Laura Alfredo’s daughter was following her passion and gaining business knowledge as a fashion designer in the garment industry leading Design and Production teams to successful markets. These successes led us to where we are today with ASEN AUTO Inc. Offering high Quality Auto Body Work and Classic Restoration / Customization all under one roof.


Our work speaks for itself. 

We are dedicated to giving our customers the best experience with the high quality result. This starts with our top-level employees who have been trained by first-class industry professionals across the United States and ends with you, the happy customer.  

Come into our brand new facility with state of the art machines and tools. You will only get the best of the best with ASEN Auto Inc.

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